Our Sunflower Mince

High-grade, healthy and versatile!

The sunflower mince products are a breathtaking innovation – a substitute for meat made from sunflowerseeds – a real alternative to soja! You can basically cook everything, you can do with mince. The light flavor of sunflowerseeds gives the dish a delicious nutty note. The products don’t need soak time. Just add water and start cooking. Since the mince is 100% sunflower seeds, there are no problems with incompatibilities.

We have created suitable spice blends for our three favorite dishes: sunflower bolognese, mushroom pan and chili sin carne. With the pure mince your fantasie has no limits.


Sonnenblumen Bolognese

Sonnenblumen Bolognese

For many their favorite food from childhood ... Deliciously prepared without meat with our sunflower mince, 100% sunflower made from seeds. With our spice mixture it tastes like pasta in Italy.

Sonnenblumen Chili sin Carne

Sonnenblumen Chili sin Carne

The vegetarian version is in no way inferior to the Chili con Carne and tastes absolutely authentic with our specially developed spice mixture and our sunflower mince, made from 100% sunflower seeds - a real treat.

Sonnenblumen Pilzpfanne

Sonnenblumen Pilzpfanne

With our sunflower mince of 100% sunflower seeds, fresh mushrooms and our rounded spice mixture the Mushroom Stew a hearty pleasure irresistibly delicious.

Sonnenblumen Hack

Sonnenblumen Hack

The vegetarian imagination has no limits whether meatballs, lasagna or stuffed peppers everything succeeds and tastes great with our sunflower mince made from 100% sunflower seeds.

Nicole Breisinger

Nicole Breisinger Founder

Nicole is the creative head of the SunflowerFamily. She thinks about which products can be developed and how best to bring them to the customers. Moreover, she is the creative head in the SunflowerFamily kitchen.

Fabian Breisinger

Fabian Breisinger Founder/Ecopreneur

For many years, Fabi is working on finding out how to naturally get to the proteins that are so important in vegan diet. He is also looking for ways to get away from soy. Of course, the sunflower plays an important role again and he was the first to use the sunflower (seed) as a source of protein.

Oliver Schenkmann

Oliver Schenkmann Founder

He asked himself which product he liked so much that he would like to devote himself to completely and that is how he landed at the SunflowerFamily, where he is now a full family member.

Lotte & Basti

Lotte & Basti Our Test Eaters

Children's mouth reveals truth! Lotte and Basti, the children of Fabi and Nicole, are the first big hurdle to take for every recipe. They give 100% authentic feedback and also lustfully help kneading the treats.

Barbara Schenkmann

Barbara Schenkmann Chief-Organizer

Barbara is an alternative practitioner and graphic-designer, She knows what matters in life and how important a fulfilling life is. She only wants to do what brings her real joy.