Our Principles

Delightful, vegetable & sustainable!

The Sunflower Family wants to contribute to a world that is worth living in – today and for future generations. In our opinion, a key lever for change is that we all consume less meat and other animal-based products in future. Don’t worry – we do not aim at »converting« anyone. We’d rather focus on making a meat-free diet easier and more delicious through our vegetable products. This is what we consider our mission: helping to develop healthy, sustainable and plant-based approaches to nutrition!

Nicole Breisinger

Nicole Breisinger Founder

Nicole is the creative head of the SunflowerFamily. She thinks about which products can be developed and how best to bring them to the customers. Moreover, she is the creative head in the SunflowerFamily kitchen.

Fabian Breisinger

Fabian Breisinger Founder/Ecopreneur

For many years, Fabi is working on finding out how to naturally get to the proteins that are so important in vegan diet. He is also looking for ways to get away from soy. Of course, the sunflower plays an important role again and he was the first to use the sunflower (seed) as a source of protein.

Oliver Schenkmann

Oliver Schenkmann Founder

He asked himself which product he liked so much that he would like to devote himself to completely and that is how he landed at the SunflowerFamily, where he is now a full family member.

Lotte & Basti

Lotte & Basti Our Test Eaters

Children's mouth reveals truth! Lotte and Basti, the children of Fabi and Nicole, are the first big hurdle to take for every recipe. They give 100% authentic feedback and also lustfully help kneading the treats.

Barbara Schenkmann

Barbara Schenkmann Chief-Organizer

Barbara is an alternative practitioner and graphic-designer, She knows what matters in life and how important a fulfilling life is. She only wants to do what brings her real joy.